Little Big Change is a brand under the umbrella of the Ontex Group, a leading manufacturer of baby, adult and feminine hygiene products for some 40 years now. The pure player operates based on an online subscription model and works with us to engage its customers in making videos where they talk about the brand.

We met up with Audrey Heiser, Head of E-Commerce & Marketing at Little Big Change, to find out how she enriches the site’s product pages and consolidates her purchase funnel with user-generated videos made by the brand’s community of customers. 👇


— Hi Audrey, could you start by introducing yourself?

Hi, my name is Audrey Heiser, I am Head of E-Commerce and Marketing at Little Big Change, an Ontex brand. Ontex has been manufacturing hygiene products for women, the elderly and babies for around 40 years. The group has some thirty brands including some of their own plus some private labels.

— What prompted you to add user-generated video to your marketing mix ? 

Mainly because it allows us to distinguish ourselves from our competition in an authentic way thanks to videos made by customers, who are obviously satisfied. 😉

— What challenges is Teester solving for you?

Pragmatically speaking, Teester enables us to increase conversions and online sales. It’s also a way to engage our community to speak about us. And then there’s the social media side of things: it allows us to create other types of videos and optimize our SEO.

— In your opinion, what makes a good video?

The biggest factor is authenticity. It’s crucial. Then, video quality (in terms of sound and picture), and finally a situation our customers will find relatable.

— What are the main benefits of the solution for you?

It is a scalable video creation platform. That allows us to collect all the videos through a single platform, optimize them via the automatic post-processing engine, and easily post them to the web. Besides that, it’s also enabled us to make our product pages more engaging and to create a dedicated area on the site.

— What results have you achieved?

It’s great! We’ve received a dozen videos in under two months, which shows great engagement from the community: over 20% of the people we contacted applied to be ambassadors. We received our first video less than 20 hours after the campaign launch, so we’re very happy.

As far as results go, we have a fantastic view rate at over 70% and a double-digit conversion rate

— Teester: 👍 or 👎? 

Definitely two thumbs up! 👍👍

👋 To learn more about the system we set up, the results achieved, or to watch some examples of Little Big Change videos, 👉 check out the full case study.

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