Harder, better, faster, stronger : Teester unites with Avis Vérifiés and Mediatech-CX to create SKEEPERS

Four years ago, Teester launched with one mission : to guide consumers in their purchases with authentic, relevant and high-quality video content created by actual customers.

Today, we are very pleased to announce that Teester has joined forces with Avis Vérifiés et Mediatech CX to create Skeepers, an international group with an ambitious project!

— A springboard to go global

Skeepers will provide an ideal stepping stone for international expansion by relying on the solid network that the group has already established in 44 countries. We aim to be present in ten countries in the coming months thanks to a web of local offices in the United States, Europe and South America.

We will also work closely with Avis Vérifiés and Mediatech-CX to provide their 6,000 existing partners with access to our video technology. This will allow us to increase our market share in France and maintain our position as leading platform for User Generated Videos worldwide.

— Reinforced teams

To meet the increasing video needs of our customers, we plan to triple our staff in the coming months. This will allow us to maintain the high quality of support and services we’ve always strived to provide (keeping our 4,7/5 rating on Capterra ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️).

We also plan to strengthen our R&D teams to keep enhancing our award winning video technology. This will allow us to accelerate our product roadmap and deliver the best creation, optimization and broadcasting features for brands and retailers. Keep an eye on our Linkedin page, we still have a few major announcements in queue for 2020 😇 ).


— Independent entrepreneurs with a shared vision

The Skeepers Group aims to meet the needs of a highly fragmented market with a range of complementary and cross-functional solutions. These will give brands control of the full customer experience cycle: from discovery to purchase to re-engagement.

The group has been designed to create global synergies while maintaining the full autonomy of its members: Teester remains an independent company within the group and thus becomes the spearhead for all the video solutions within by the group.


— The new trust economy

We remain convinced that trust is winning over influence. Customers don’t listen to brands anymore, they listen to other customers. The era of User Generated Content, which humanizes marketing by giving a voice and a face to a business, is marking the shift towards the trust economy. The new group we are creating with Avis Vérifiés & Mediatech cx fully illustrates this vision and will enable us to consolidate our leadership position on the User Generated Video and Employee Generated Video markets, in France and internationally.

The teams here are all very excited to write this new chapter together. 🤩 The birth of Skeepers will allow us to accelerate our efforts to meet the ambitions we’ve always had: to enlighten customers all over the world with authentic, relevant and high quality videos.

Stay tuned, more info to come… 😉


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